Sonja Landikušić
Gujina 10
22 232 Zlarin
00385 91 6049911


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Apartments Sonja Zlarin

How about spending your holidays - relaxing?

Do you wish to spend your holiday without worrying about your vehicle, driving to the beach, store or parkin g your car...Do you wish to avoid mass of people during the season? To take a swim at any beach you want and having the spot to put your towel well as your family's or friend's? The island of Zlarin offers even more! Did you know Zlarin has over 2700 hours of sun yearly, which makes it one of the sunniest island in Adriatic?

The island of Zlarin is a small island in Šibenik archipelago. It is covered in various mediterrenean plants and the heartland is uninhabited, which proves the fact why is this island called ''the green oasis''. Beautiful sounds of waves, crickets and the smell of pines will make you think you're dreaming or you have got lost in a timeless place.
The island is also called 99the island of corals'' - in the past the people who lived on the island were in coral businesses. Even today you can find hand-processed corals in coral shops.

Arriving in Šibenik (by car, bus or train) you embark on local ship that connects Šibenik with the islands in archipelago.
On the island of Zlarin, it is prohibited to drive motor vehicles, which makes the island safe and clean, and you can walk from ship - house - beach - store in 200 - 800 meters.
This place is an ideal place for family vacation, but also for those who like to have fun, and for adventurers.

Imagine the time has stopped.....and you're there! :)


Apartman 1

A4+2 - For four people plus two extra beds, Floor area: 60m2

Apartman 2

A6+2 - For six people plus two extra beds, Floor area: 100m2

Apartman 3

A2+1 - For two people plus extra bed, Floor area: 30m2

Apartman Sorona

Studio - For two people, Floor area: 30m2